Clock Repair - The Work Bench
Clock Repair - Bushing Machine

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Before I bought my own clock shop in 1993, I was an Engineer for US West  Communications until 1990, and then a computer programmer and systems analyst for the state of Colorado.   

I have been doing clock repair now for  23 years.  It's a vocation I thoroughly enjoy, and I take great pleasure in doing each clock repair as though it was my own clock.  


Every repair is backed by a one year guarantee.  I will continue to work on it if necessary until it meets your approval.   I will manufacture parts where necessary for  reasonable compensation. 

Clock Repair - Setting Up the Gears
Clock Repair Shoppe Sign

Every clock that comes in for repair is broken down and inspected for worn out springs, necessary pivot repairs, possible bushing inserts, and then thoroughly cleaned by  ultrasonic  technology. 

When it's finished, mechanically, it should be as good as new.

This is the bushing machine.  When a clock has been in a home environment for a while, it collects dust particles in the oil around the pivots.  This becomes abrasive and will eventually grind the holes bigger than normal.  


The result is increased friction which grows exponentially the bigger the hole gets.


 We fix this by inserting a new bushing that is the original size.

Clock Repair - Grandfather Clock Test Stand
Clock Repair - Cuckoo Clock

Shown here is a Grandfather Clock Movement being tested and adjusted in our Grandfather Clock Test Stand.